Winemaker Dinner with Amayna of Leyda Valley, Chile

Winemaker Dinner with Amayna of Leyda Valley, Chile

Cool Climate Chilean Masterpieces presented by Chief Winemaker Francisco Jose Ponce Sanhueza.

Friday 16th of September
7.30pm start
£99 per person

Chile’s wine diversity is truly mind-blowing, overwhelming, inspiring, and exciting. In a country no more than 100 miles wide at any point, twelve dramtically different valleys are packed into a 1000 mile north to mid section of the country. The diversity is incredible, some vineyards sit next to snowcapped mountains, some in flat valleys and besides rivers and others are on hills with the Pacific ocean as a neighbour.

Elegant, complex and full of concentrated flavours the wines of Amayna are grown in the soft rolling hills between the Chilean Coastal Mountain Ranges and the Pacific Ocean. The maritime climate keeps the temperature variations low enabling the grapes to ripen slowly producing the wonderful wines that Amayna are renowned for! We are delighted that Chief Winemaker Francisco Jose Ponce Sanhueza is joining us to guide us through his wines and we will be matching 7 courses to 7 Amayna wines. Pinot Noir, Syrah, Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc await!

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